5 Benefits Of Water Delivery Service in Auckland For Your Office

The water cooler is a staple in many offices. The office water cooler has been around for as long as there have been modern offices. Larger companies are expanding into other beverages, but we believe water is still the absolute best a company can offer its employees.

But we have great reasons for thinking of bulk water delivery services for businesses. Here are five benefits of having water delivered to your office:

  • A hydrated employee may be a happier employee. According to a University of Connecticut study, water can help improve moods.

  • Water prevents dehydration (probably its biggest benefit). Chronic dehydration is a bigger problem than people realize, and living at 5,000 feet altitude can exacerbate the problem. 
  • Fewer sick days. This ties in with the dehydration above, but the conclusion is that proper water consumption promotes health and overall wellness. This results in a decrease in office illnesses.
  • Water assists in battling employee fatigue that sets in after a big lunch. A filling company lunch can result in some serious desk napping. Offer water and perk up those full, sleepy employees!
  • By taking a mental break from tedious tasks, ideas to improve the company can be discussed around the water cooler. Not only will employees bond over a cold glass of crisp water in the kitchen, but studies have also shown that cognitive performance improves.

Offering a natural spring water delivery option for your employees is not only a nice perk for them, but it can also be great for the company's bottom line. 

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