Benefits of Cannabis clones

Cloning is widely used among marijuana farmers to multiply new cannabis plants. Compared to growing from seed, cloning can be faster and more efficient. Here we will look at the benefits of growing cannabis from clones.

Growing cannabis from clones: professionals

Cloning has many advantages over growing cannabis from seed, including: 

Guaranteed Female Plants: Female plants produce rich cannabinoids and are colored with terpene hemp. You can also opt for Prima Clones to get the top cannabis clones in Michigan.

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By pruning clones from parent plants that you know are female, you can ensure that any branches you prune are female too.

Cheaper: Seeds can be more expensive to buy, especially female seeds, which contain almost exclusively female plants. If you don't buy female seeds, half of your plants will be unproductive male plants that take up valuable time and resources.

Shorter harvests: Plants you grow from clones can be harvested faster than crops you grow from seeds. If you don't need germination and a long planting period, you can shave up to a month from the time the clones are planted for harvest.

Consistent quality: each clone has the same characteristics as your mother plant. If your parent plant is a stable, high-quality strain, you don't have to worry about quality issues or the possibility of multiple cloning.

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