Brief About Upper Eyelid Lift

The upper eyelids are among the very first places of the face that show signs of aging. Correcting this issue is an easy procedure known as an eyelid lift or blepharoplasty. It is a procedure that in the majority of cases is regarded as cosmetic.

Upper eyelid lift surgery is among the most frequently performed cosmetic procedures we perform in our clinic. This is because not only is the aging of eyelids one of the more frequently reported complaints and treatment, but it is also among the most basic and cost-effective cosmetic procedures.

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The most common reason for an upper eyelid lift can be described as dermatochalasis on the upper lid and droopy lid skin according to patients. If the skin hanging is severe enough to impair vision your health insurance might occasionally cover the procedure but this is not a common scenario and may require a trip to an ophthalmologist in order to establish the need.

The best candidates for surgery are healthy individuals with no previous history of dry or irritated eyes or any other conditions of the eye. The procedure can be done quite quickly and takes less than 30 minutes with competent hands. Because of this, the majority of patients are very comfortable using oral valium as well as a local anesthetic.

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