Buying Homes In Vancouver Is Better Than Toronto

Real estate industry experts say that investing in real estate in Vancouver is much better than in big cities like Toronto. This advice comes despite the fact that real estate prices in Vancouver are significantly higher than in most major Canadian cities.

Real estate companies will soon make connections with high property prices, ample green space, and living close to the ocean. Timing also plays a key role in attracting viewers, investors, and potential buyers to the Vancouver real estate market. You can easily buy best house in Vancouver Canada via

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While real estate is generally more expensive on average, it's actually better, though not on par with Toronto's first home buyer market. This means that first-time buyers may find it easier to invest in Vancouver than in Toronto.

First-time buyers in Toronto have an average investment of $425,000, with first-time buyers in Vancouver actually investing $420,000 and there are twice as many home sales in Vancouver as in the east.

There's another tax feature that makes Vancouver a more promising city to invest in: Toronto collects two types of taxes in Vancouver only — and that means you can save money upfront.

Let's say you're a first-time buyer looking to buy a profitable Toronto property for $250,000, expecting around $6,000 in taxes (or more), while a Vancouver buyer buying a similar property for the same price could expect to only pay around $4,000 in taxes. And that's even great for sellers.

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