Crystal Awards and Trophies – You’re a Winner

Nothing marks victory or personal achievement quite being awarded a crystal trophy. The sensation at the time of reception isn't one everyone can say they've had. It is difficult to explain – you've just proven yourself superior over many other competitors in your field – a champion, and now you've got every right to enjoy your well-deserved glory. You can also purchase crystal awards & trophies via

A huge inspiration of confidence and private achievement comes from engraving the name of the winner onto the award, or on a separate accompanying plaque. So for awards that reoccur on a monthly or annual basis, future winners will see for themselves the legacy that your name carries on the award. Engravings are common on many sorts of awards including on acrylic and crystal trophies.

Crystal awards and trophies have marked both individual and team victories since the traditional times. In fact, if we glance at how the word has evolved, we see English word trophy itself deriving from the French trophee in 1513, meaning "a spoil or prize of war", which successively was derived from the Latin Tropaeolum meaning 'monument to victory'. But this is not a lesson

Today's trophies take many shapes and forms, often in cups. The symbolic image of the cup providing sustenance and energy can, I suppose, link to the sensation of glorious victory… maybe not. In any case, whilst trophies and other bespoke awards have traditionally been made with crystal figures, wood columns, and wood bases, in recent years they need been made in several materials, predominantly acrylic, plastic, and glass trophies.

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