Different Types of Hoist System

A hoist found to move objects that will generally be very difficult to move, from point A to point B. This is mainly because the objects are very heavy. 

In the past, the hoist system was used manually. Although some manual hoists still exist, more commonly to get pneumatic or electric hoist

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The hoist structure utilises the basic principles of equalising forces in order to work and facilitate some weight from the object. Basically, there are three types of hoist systems:

Manual: The traditional hoist, before the advent of electricity, was used to work by having animals or humans haul the burden. This is very helpful to create traditional buildings that are still used. 

Electric: This system works by utilising electricity. It’s as easy as hitting the switch and watching the load that will be transported to the desired destination. This is a requirement to increase productivity during the industrial era.

Pneumatic: Pneumatic is the word used to describe compressed air, which is used to move the motor. Compressed air transported to the motor makes it run and thus can lift the burden. 

This system requires much less energy than the other two and is the preferred hoist system  in most industries.

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