Fun Fall Outdoor Activities For Kids In Sacramento

As the season changes from summer to fall, we see the temperature drop and the leaves begin to change color, creating a lovely atmosphere outside. This can be a really fun time for the kids to play outside among the dry autumn-colored leaves. There are a number of fun outdoor activities for the kids to enjoy with them. For more fun activities your kids can also join Sacramento4Kids school.

Pile of leaves

You can make several small stacks or one large stack. Make them bounce or fall back on the pile. Kids can also hide in piles and start a game of hiding and seek. You can create leaf rains, leaf beds, or leaf castles, and more interesting things with leaves. 

Collecting leaves

Another fun outdoor activity for kids in the fall is leaf collecting. Find a good container to keep the leaves in good condition and walk around the neighborhood to find as many different types and colors of leaves as possible.

Plant a tree

Many people think about planting trees in the spring, but in many areas trees can also be planted in the fall. Then when spring comes, the tree will at least grow well for the growing season. Your children can help you with this.

They may want to help you dig a hole, as most children like to play on the ground. Then they can help you fill the hole and surround the base with leaves and bark that can be used to feed the tree. They can help you water it and watch it grow during the warmer seasons.

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