How Do Moisturisers Work On Our Body?

When you're picking a body moisturizer, your skin type can eliminate at least half of your choices. Some products are for dry skin and some for oily skin, but each product is still claiming to keep your skin moist and healthy looking. Skin type is important, but this still leaves you with too many choices.

If you choose a cheap, chemical laden moisturizer that clogs your pores, will get a barrier that prevents moisture from escaping; but use of this product will often lead to even more skin problems than the dry skin you started with. The best body moisturiser uses natural ingredients so they will not clog your pores.

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Natural ingredients are always better than synthetic ones. Some people think mineral oil is a natural substance. Mineral oil is a derivative of hydrocarbons. Regrettably, it is also very cheap, and therefore you will find it listed as an ingredient in most of the moisturizers that you can find on the moisturizer aisle at your local brick and mortar store. 

Moisturizers also need to include some lubrication. Most moisturizers feel good when you apply them because they make your skin feel smooth both during application and after you apply it to your skin. Natural products are better able to maintain this feeling after use than the ones that depend on chemicals and other synthetic products, which can actually irritate your skin.

The final part of the moisturizing puzzle is the humectant. A humectant is a substance that preserves or retains the moisture or water content of the skin. Most dry skin lacks moisture rather than oil, and therefore humectants are often part of many good moisturizers.

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