How To Create An Employee Onboarding Process?

Although the concept of "onboarding" is not new, its significance in this crucial phase of the life of an employee is now more crucial than ever before as businesses continue to put a lot of emphasis on the retention and growth of their employees.

A well-designed, enjoyable onboarding experience has a significant impact on employee engagement, and consequently retention as compared to the traditional approach of only one day of "orientation." In actual fact, The Human Resources Corporate Leadership Council observed that the increase in an employee's engagement can boost performance by 20 percent and cut down on the chance of an employee leaving by up to 87. The business owner should apply the employee onboarding process in their company.

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There's a lot to consider when you're deciding on an onboarding plan for your workplace, the results will be worthwhile. Engagement, retention, and productivity are only one of the many benefits that can be derived from taking these steps into practice. 

Even even if you're not currently hiring or onboarding an enormous amount of employees it is a moment to think about these tips and move to implement your onboarding program. Apart from the numerous benefits for your employees, it can also save you many thousands in the cost of paper, as well as training and administrative costs by automating the onboarding process using a technology solution.

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