How to Writing the Right RFP Document

RFP or RFP documents written properly are the first step for employees to win offers and grow their customer base. Write difficult documents and stress, and most companies just try to produce documents that they hope customers will review. From an employer's point of view that evaluates hundreds of posts submitted, here is a list of the main criteria that might want to be included in their documents before sending it. You can consider the best RFP response management for winning the proposal.

1.Minimum criteria:

  • Does your company have an in-house account manager regularly to handle problems or requirements?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • Do you have access to a number of advisors who can take different roles?
  • Do you have comprehensive insurance coverage?
  • Do you currently have contracts with different customers? Customer list?
  • General criteria:
  • Company profile

2.Historical and company profiles, including:

  • – Head Office Contact Information.
  • -Number of years as a recruiter.
  • -Number office employees earlier

3.Reputation and experience

Three (3) references for similar projects or companies. A short description of experience providing consulting services to the organization, including the start date and duration of service? Experience as a preferred or preferred consulting service provider for large companies. (eg similar business or similar size and technology)

4.Total resources/consultants currently active (all positions)

  • Competitive advantage
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses compared to competitors?
  • What is your anti-competitive positioning strategy?
  • Why did you choose yourself over racing?
  • What are your other victory strategies?
  • Price / Price:

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