Installing Shock Absorbers On Your RV To Improve Ride Quality

Shock absorbers don't absorb shock, they absorb it. Why is it important to know this? To improve ride quality, or in the case of a towed camper van, the "white knuckle" factor caused by a bouncing and swaying trailer, it's necessary to understand a little about the dynamics that the shock absorbers are trying to control. 

In this mode, driving dynamics and related topics are discussed, as well as how you can modify your motorhome to drastically improve your driving and/or towing experience. You can also check for the best shock absorbent via the web.

Shock absorber

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Simply put, the sole purpose of a shock absorber is to reduce the compression and rebound of any suspension system by controlling the rotational speed of the suspension cycle. Without them, your RV will continue to bounce until the kinetic energy is eventually dissipated by the suspension springs.

Installing shock absorbers on a tow truck usually requires an upgrade kit, although some tow trucks already have the necessary frame and brackets. The upgrade kit includes the necessary brackets and hardware for easy shock installation. 

This kit uses a plate that mounts to the bottom of the leaf spring mount and has a mounting prong at the bottom of the shock. The top shock mount is attached to the frame.

Since it is equipped with shock absorbers, replacement is sufficient. This is a mod that you can usually handle on your own as it usually only involves using a simple hand tool to remove the shock absorbers from their mounts and replace them in the reverse order of removal.

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