Is Melasma Curable And What Are Your Best Treatment Options in Melbourne?

Melasma treatments can help patients brighten up their skin and effectively manage this condition, which affects an estimated 5 million people in Australia each year. While it doesn't typically cause symptoms such as pain or irritation, melasma can profoundly impact the quality of life of those who have it.

Melasma Chloasma is also known as chloasma. Skin pigmentation disorder is characterized by dark patches on your skin that are symmetrical. This condition is most common in the face however, you can also make it happen on your own. You can also look for the best pigmentation services online.

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The condition's overall mechanism involves the pigment-producing skin cells, also known as the 'melanocytes", being overactive and producing too much pigment(melanin).

Although we aren't sure what causes these cells to behave in this manner, strong evidence suggests that it is. UV rays the sun plays a significant role in their emergence.

Melasma sufferers may notice dark spots that appear after sun exposure. Also, hormonal imbalances in the body can trigger melanocytes to become overactive. Pregnancy time when the body experiences significant hormonal changes is known for causing flares. 

There are many kinds of Melasma treatment. Your dermatologist will determine if these options should be used together or separately. These are the most popular treatments for melasma:

     1.Chemical facial peels

A chemical peel uses a special solution for 'Peel off the topmost layer of skin. This is the final step. removes discolored patches of skin pigment melanin as well as promotes new skin growth. 

Combining a chemical facial peel for melasma with a moisturizer is the best way to get results. Topical skin lightener. This allows for a uniform penetration and lowers the chance of peeling. 


Light Amplification through Stimulated Radiation EmissionLaser, also known as laser, is a beam of light energy that heats and targets a specific area. Destroy specific targets in the skin. Lasers are used to lighten the skin. 

It is generally recommended to use conservative(low-energy) treatments to reduce the chance of rebound pigmentation; this is when the skin becomes darker than it should be. Lasers are second- or third-line options for treating melasma.

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