Meaning Of Divorce Mediation And Divorce Litigation

A mediator assists spouses through divorce mediation. The mediation process encourages open and honest communications. It covers all topics that affect the parties.

You can create an innovative plan and even a self-drafted contract that will be accepted by the Court and executed by the Court by using an experienced mediator in divorce. You can look for the best divorce mediation service via

Reliable Divorce Mediation Services for Couples in Los Angeles

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The divorce process allows spouses to select their lawyers to represent them in their divorce process. All correspondence, communication, and information exchange are handled by attorneys.

Divorce litigation requires a complex discovery procedure, including the disclosure of financial information as well as other disclosure requirements that are mandatory. Interrogatories, requests to produce documents, depositions, as well as cases management conferences are all part of the process.

Divorce mediation typically is between three to five hours. Following a mediation session, the judge will require filling out forms. This is usually done through the mediator if he/she also is represented by an attorney.

Parties (the likely to be ex-spouses) determine the date of divorce mediation. The Court may take up to one year to set the date of hearing for divorce proceedings. This is because of the necessity of sharing information and documents.

The process between Court and lawyers could be longer due to the long communication involved. The court decides on the timing for divorce proceedings.


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