Riviera Maya Luxury Yacht Wedding

A luxury yacht wedding would have to rate as one of the most delectable ways to kick-start married life. The elegance, privacy, and total indulgence make luxury yacht weddings among the most coveted of all yacht charter experiences. 

If you’re looking for that unique wedding experience, then this will be your dream come true. It will also be something that your guests will be talking about forever. You can also check out here h2ohcruises.com/private-yacht-charter-riviera-maya/ to get more information about luxury yacht weddings.

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Wedding under full sail and staged a reception at the dock, with guests spending the night at an elegant shoreside inn while the bride and groom and their closest friends stayed on the yacht. 

Choose your dream location, whether on an uninhabited idyllic Caribbean island or overlooking the spectacular French Riviera, and they will organize the rest.    

Many people chose to get married under the sea, think of wedding veils and regulators! It’s an “old wives’ tale” that a captain can marry you at sea, and it will be legal.  

     Our Luxury Yacht Wedding Vessels

Luxury yachts are seemingly tailor-made to host destination weddings, as many come with onboard beauty spas (for hair and make-up), private chefs (for delectable wedding feasts), bridal suites, and stunning settings for the celebratory dinner. 

If that’s not all, you can cast off on your group honeymoon vacation just as soon as vows are exchanged if you like, and can treat your loved ones to incredible days filled with exciting activities like snorkeling, diving, jet-skiing, and more.

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