What you should know about fatigue and exhaustion

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Fatigue includes lack of energy, tired, worn out, exhausted, or feeling rundown. It can be described as a lack of energy and motivation, both mental and physical, and it is different from drowsiness which is a term that describes the need to sleep. Generally, a person complains of unitary, and it is up to the healthcare export to distinguish between fatigue and drowsiness. However, both can occur at the same time.

Besides drowsiness, other symptoms can be confused with fatigue, like shortness of breath with activity and muscle weakness. Additionally, these symptoms can occur at the same time. Fatigue can be a normal response to physical and mental activity, and it is typical for individuals and is also released quickly.

Basics you need to know about fatigue.

Fatigue is a common complaint, and it is essential to remember that it is a symptom, not a disease. Several illnesses can result in the criticism of fatigue, and they can be physical, psychological, or even a combination of both. Often the symptoms of fatigue have a gradual onset, and the person might not be aware of how much energy they have last until they try to compare the reality to complete the tasks from one-time frame to another. As a result, they might presume that their fatigue is due to aging and ignore the same symptom. Depression and other psychiatric issues might indeed be the reason for fatigue, and you should join a driver fatigue management course to know more. 

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