Online Military Surplus Stores

The Surplus shop has been around for quite some time, but only in recent years, online auctions have made it even more popular. They are practical and allow you to bid on all kinds of military equipment and souvenirs from the privacy of your own home, without the "fuss" of live auctions.

For those of you who don't know, the army stores are selling or auctioning off excess military goods and surplus tents that can no longer be used by the military because they have been replaced by newer models or are no longer suitable with the technology they have. Military specifications and others.

surplus tent

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Some of you may be curious about what military items are being auctioned off online. If you only think of weapons and ammunition then you are bound to have a misconception, although they are also rarely sold at auctions but more at auctions of military overage than online.

Generally, online auctions sell items such as camping gear tents, sleeping bags, gear, spare parts, tools, clothing (mostly jackets and shirts), and even helmets and field supplies (compasses, belts, backpacks).

If you're looking for rarer, maybe even valuable military goods and souvenirs, participating in live auctions or a physical visit to an army surplus shop is your best bet. But if you're looking to buy a new camping tent or a cool vintage army shirt, checking out online auctions for military pros is a good choice.

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