The fundamentals of spray-paint Gun Operation

After mastering the fundamentals of your spray guns you'll need to become proficient at changing the pattern of spray through the flow of the fluid. Most guns come with built-in air micrometers that allow for a variety of pressure settings. If your gun isn't equipped with this, you may need to use an additional air micrometer.


Many new painters are apprehensive about the size of their droplets. The solution is altering the needle of the fluid so that it can let less liquid through or use greater pressure on the air. You may also search online best spray guns in New Zealand



This is not to be the case with HVLP guns. They have only 10psi of pressure to create atoms. They typically have integrated air converters. The manufacturer will supply you with the appropriate inlet pressure needed to set the cap on air pressure. This can be done after you have selected the control for fluid and selected the proper nozzle.

To ensure the best efficiency from the HVLP machine, you must at the inlet to the air gradually increase the pressure, and then alter the speed of the fan. This is easily done by using an air cap accessory. It comes with two gauges, which allow you to monitor the center and the pressure of the air cap's horn.

The reason the performance of the gun spray is crucial is due to the fact that a lot of the latest paints that are available contain low VOC and high solids materials. Atomization becomes more difficult as the quantity of paint is increased.

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