Must-Visit Bass Fishing Lakes In Mexico

Mexico is presently being hailed by anglers around the World among the greatest destinations to practice the sport of bass fishing. And the reality is that Mexico has increased exponentially in popularity thanks to lakes like El Salto, Baccarac, Guerrero and Agua Milpa, ideal illustrations of Mexico bass fishing ponds and must-visits if you're into bass fishing, then keep reading to discover more about these lakes.

Lake Agua Milpa is really a lake surrounded by lovely green hills covering a place of 70,000 acres as it's at full pool. In Agua Milpa and at most lakes listed here you'll discover competitive bass, so make sure you keep this in mind when arranging your journey. You can search for the popular bass fishing lakes via

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Largemouth bass are 2.5 pounds – 10 pounds. The fishing period in this lakes begins in November and finish in June. Lake Baccarac covers an area of 30,000 acres and is therefore considered among the greatest trophy largemouth lakes in the whole world.  The lake was stocked in 1978 using a breed of Florida largemouth bass and because that year that the lake has done than nothing except to improve.

The best times to go to this lake are people between November and April, or else you will have more trouble with all the rain and the temperatures. The official record to the lake has been set in 1993: 19.10 pounds. Lake Guerrero is just another man-made lake stocked with Florida bass, about 18 decades back.

This lake is really magnificent to capture large bass as a result of the high quantity of flooded timber. Here you'll be in a position to fish a great deal of bass every day. Some anglers assert the have attained around 100 bass per day.

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