Know About Company’s Data Security

The commercial battle between enterprises have always been present, and even the action of data theft of competitors is common. However, due to the advances of technology, these battles are transferred to network and IT equipments because of informanization and electronization of company confidential data.

An information battle brought about by business competition is spreading among enterprises. Many victim companies hope to curb rampant data security issues through legal channels, but slow legislation and particularity of the case cause several difficulties for legal intervention.

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Infringement subjects include the following three groups: employees, and relevant personnel who know commercial secrets in economic exchange, and business or individuals that steal business or trade secrets via illegal means.

Most people who infringe commercial secrets aim at the value of commercial secrets, and after illegally obtaining commercial secrets, their use or transfer of commercial secrets generally shrouded in secrecy. Therefore, it is difficult for oblige to discover them.

The rapid development of science and technology has injected fresh blood for the development of enterprises, but also provides criminals with more advanced infringement means. spy, eavesdrop, intercept information, etc. are widely used in commercial competition.

Currently, technical information confidential systematicness is relatively strong, secret point involved is more, once stolen by competitors; the financial loss will be the few hundreds of millions or even hundreds of millions, ten million.

From the reality and difficulties of legal, we can see that it's unrealistic to completely rely on legal intervention to prevent inter-enterprise information security "spy" behavior. For enterprise data security, using folder lock software to password protect folders can arrive better defend effects.

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