Healthy Root Cuttings Process To Get Clones Of Cannabis

Healthy root cuttings offer many advantages, including the ability to grow the same variety again and again also the ease of maintaining canopy levels. Increase your confidence in cloning by learning tips and tricks that increase your prevalence.

When is the right time to make a clone?

The right time to pick up a clone is when the plant is at least five weeks after planting and has several side branches and shoots growing. You will know that you are dealing with plants, whether it is an older branch or soft tissue.

All of them can be cloned as long as you know what you are doing. The worst thing you can do is make fresh sprouts with the inner wall still hollow – this usually cuts withered and turns it into wet porridge within minutes.

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Should you use the rooting hormone?

No, there is no need to use root hormones because plants naturally produce growth hormones that encourage them to produce root cells and stop the growth of stems and leaves.

You can always give your branch additional hormones, which are often IAA (indol-3-acetic acid), the most natural plant hormone of the auxin variety. Some algae extracts also contain natural growth hormones that stimulate the development of root cells.

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