Finding Edible Wild Mushrooms

Wild mushroom hunting is a fun recreational sport and can help you have a nice dinner. However, many of these wild mushrooms are poisonous and you can send them directly to the emergency room if you swallow them. Before you eat this mushroom, you must understand the dangers of this fungus.

It is always recommended to research the particular type of fungus that you are looking for. Search online for images of mushrooms that you find. It is best to order magic mushrooms online.

Eating just a few mushrooms might be annoying, but in the end it can save your life. Another thing to remember is the ecology of your hunting area. Know your area. Find out which mushrooms grow in your area this year.

There are many species that are very poisonous and look almost identical to other edible fungi. For example, Olerius Omphalotus, also called the Jack O 'Lantern mushroom, is bright orange in color and has a clear cone shape.

It is very poisonous and cannot cause death, but can cause quite severe stomachaches. There was another sponge that looked almost exactly like the Jack O 'Lantern sponge. Chanterelle also has a bright orange and cone shape, but is fully edible and very delicious.

Even more surprising is the fact that both of these fungi actually lay eggs and produce fruit at the same time of the year. Be careful when choosing which mushroom to eat and, if possible, contact a local wildlife expert before preparing it for dinner.

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