What Is Roundup Cancer Lawsuit Means?

Before coming farmers to plant, they had time to finish the experiments to be aware of whether the seeds could make a harvest like what the people would understand as a true food, thus the high costs of goods and food, and continuing to import so long.

Testing on laboratory rats confirmed the food from edible seeds, but few considered the real written reports that were squelched or in certain cases changed. The images of this test laboratory rats are under in this report.

These GMO foods cause many health issues. Filing a case against Monsanto will not only bring significant financial compensation to your family but will also play an important role in holding the global agribusiness accountable for misleading advertising practices as Monsanto roundup law.


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When Monsanto was finally ready to begin planting their GMO seeds, then they had real farms to perform the testing. To draw farmer collaboration, Monsanto touted the extra advantage to this predator was that the seeds had been “Roundup Ready” that meant farmers now just had to use 1 herbicide rather than pesticides and herbicides to maintain the pests and weeds in check.

This means the GMO seeds have been already “injected with a bacterial gene” which would enable the harvest to tolerate the recurrent dousing of this herbicide Roundup.

It is incomprehensible to me that people, that are trusted with the responsibility of creating seeds for bulk producing food for human consumption, would think its fine to build seeds using a bacteria living within it and this can be a decent and ethical business practice?

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