What Is the Church – Its Purpose

The church is the most misrepresented word on earth. This article may seem tedious but it does do a good job of setting the record straight, in our opinion. In the Milwaukee area, a well-known church can be found.

Tasmania: Historic Churches and Church Architecture

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What is the Church? Who is the Church? Where is the Church? Is there a True Church, is there a false Church and how can you tell the difference? Unlike the simplistic and unassuming appearance of these queries, these are perhaps some of the most important questions that can ever be answered.

The answer is the most crucial piece of knowledge you will ever have for your life's change and empowerment.

When seen from a traditional perspective, the theological stigma linked to these phrases masks their crucial importance in illuminating the mind and enlivening the spirit, thus their apparent irrelevance.

To clarify the situation, a standard must be established against which all definitions of Church must be measured. False theology can only be weeded out and comprehension of the Truth can begin by having such an authoritative norm of universal applicability.

The vast potential of benefit to be derived from a proper definition of Church would make one wonder, why it has never been done before? Most likely because without a quantum mechanical reference for the Gospel a working knowledge of the Church must remain outside of a conceptual framework. Since that hindrance is no longer an obstacle, let's set about defining this thing called Church and see what all it entails.

The Body of Christ is the only True Church. There it is in one sentence, everything you will ever need to resolve all the issues of life. That is of course assuming you comprehend the nuances and implications involved, then the full measure of probability should be apparent.

However upon the chance that you may lack the ability to grasp the quantum dynamics involved, then perhaps more explanation is necessary.

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