Direct Fed Microbial Products (DFM)

The idea of direct fed microbial (DFM) entails the feeding of microbes that are beneficial into milk cows when they're under times of stress (illness, ration changes, ecological, or production difficulties ). 

Probiotics are just another expression for this particular kind of feed additives. Probiotics or direct fed microbial have been proven to enhance animal performance in controlled research studies. 

 direct fed microbials,

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Role of Direct-Fed Microbials

The suggested mechanisms for advancement in dairy cows' functionality when ingesting DFM are summarized below.

-Create of antibacterial chemicals (acids, bacteriocins, or antibiotics)

-Compete against undesirable (pathogenic) organisms such as nourishment and/or colonization of the digestive tract 

-Create nourishment or other development factors

-Stimulate the creation of enzymes or stimulate the growth of natural bacteria

-Metabolize or neutralize undesirable chemicals (such as lactic acid, mycotoxins, etc.)

-Stimulate the immune system

Several research studies have reported positive animal performance when employing a combo of several microbial species.

Calves that have been stressed (i.e. weaning, scouring, and transport challenges) have reacted quite favorably to big doses of  enterococcus, bacillus, bifidobacterium, and lactobacillus. 

Megasphaera elsdenii is a significant lactate using receptors found in the rumen of cows fed high grain diets. Feedlot manufacturers have utilized DFM when adapting cows to high energy diets thus decreasing lactic acidosis.

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