Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Cosmetic Clinic in Vancouve

If you are thinking to have a cosmetic treatment then you need to find clinics/practitioners that you can trust. You want your treatment to be done in a sensitive way to ensure you keep it looking natural, and you want it to be done safely and with the best products.

Unfortunately, we have all seen examples of poor treatment either in magazines or on television and walking down the local high street, too. But remember that most of your friends who experienced treatment may just look good, and no one knows they have had any treatment.

Treatments like Botox or dermal fillers can be very effective and safe, but all medical procedures involve possible risks of side-effects or complications, so you are better finding the best cosmetic clinic in Vancouver with the most experienced practitioners.


The following suggestions are based on my experience over the last 9 years running my own cosmetic clinic and meeting people who have had bad experiences elsewhere.


Assess your Practitioners Before They judge you!

Just as you would not buy the first house you see, you do not have to assume that the first person you see about your appearance will suit you the best either.

You need to find out what you can about their background and expertise, and decide how you feel comfortable with their advice and the way they talk to you.

So, here is my advice on:

1. "What is your Background / Qualifications?"

You may find the answers range from plastic surgeons, doctors, nurses, dentists, physiotherapists, pharmacists, beauticians or none of the above.

Who will you feel will have the knowledge of dermatology and medical conditions related diagnosis, anatomy, and the knowledge and experience needed to help problems that may arise after treatment?

Do not be afraid to ask – I was surprised how few people ask questions about my search for my practice. No practitioner should be surprised to be asked these things and should not be offended – actually the more offended or uncomfortable they are the more likely they are not qualified as you want!

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