Eat The Right Organic Chocolate For Your Health

Raw, unroasted chocolate is essential to really benefit from the health benefits. There's a big difference from the chemical makeup of unroasted, naturally-dried chocolate when compared to 99% of those chocolate products available now. 

Not exactly each and every bar or beverage, even at the large-chain health food markets, is made from chocolate that's been eaten at high temperatures. You can buy the best raw cocoa chocolate via according to your taste. 


High-end organic cocoa drinks are still roasted and likely processed with alkali to allow them to dissolve more readily. Why the roasting and processing? Because we've become accustomed to chocolate looking and tasting like it's since our childhoods. 

Working together with raw chocolate (called Cacao – note that this is different from Cocoa!), just like a great number of things which are really great for you, is best prepared at home using carefully selected ingredients. 

It's easy to accomplish, and we'll include some recipes at the end. But back to the question of why raw is better. There are lots, many recipes available online as well as in books about raw chocolate. 

Your own raw bars are extremely easy to produce, very just by omitting the water and adjusting the oil and sweetener ratios to earn a thick chocolate paste. Add some chopped nuts if you like, press into a casserole dish, and set this in the icebox long enough to ensure it is more firm. 

Experiment; it's chocolate! You're supposed to have fun. And with raw chocolate, then it may be the most fun you may have eating while absolutely profiting your wellbeing.

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