Which Type Of Documents Are Needed To Be Shredded

Identity theft is becoming an increasingly serious problem. Most of us are aware of this, but it's also something we are not always enough to avoid. One of the biggest threats comes from something that many people overlook i.e. paper letters.

Many, if not most, of the emails, contain personal information that criminals can use to steal your personal information. To destroy documents securely you can also choose services of document destruction in Perth.

Most of your email must be destroyed before it can be misused. Below you will find our instructions on which documents you MUST destroy.


Spam threats are often ignored. Most people just throw it away without opening it and think that's the end. What people don't realize is that most spam e-mails have a barcode that usually contains personal information.

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This can be a pre-authorized credit card, a letter from an insurance company, or another lender. Companies market to specific demographics, often based on your age group, occupation or buying habits.

So you need to destroy all your junk mail including the return envelope that came with it.

Your children's letters

This is another area that is often overlooked. Identity thieves are cruel, they don't care about age or theft of information belonging to a child.

It is not uncommon to receive medical information about a child in the mail, such as school information. Regardless of the email you receive, it should be treated exactly as you treat your personal information and it will be fragmented.

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