Pros Of Using Cloth Period Pads

If you prefer to use pads during your period, you can enjoy both personal and environmental benefits by choosing to switch to organic pads. Organic sanitary napkins are much better than traditional plastic-based sanitary pads.

Find out more about the benefits of organic cloth sanitary pads and decide whether to use new methods to ensure cleanliness and comfort during that time of the month.

cloth period pads

1. Ecological alternatives: Conventional sanitary pads are a source of plastic waste, with billions of sanitary napkins thrown away by women. 

It is known that plastics are not easily biodegradable in nature, and it is estimated that it can take up to 500 years to completely break down. Natural sanitary pads are biodegradable within 2 years after disposal.

2. No Chemicals: Organic is free from harmful chemicals because they do not contain bleach in chlorine or contain dioxins which can cause dangerous diseases such as cervical cancer, miscarriage, birth defects, and UTIs. This makes the pads safer for you to use in all ways.

3. Suitable for animals: Organic pads have an indirect effect on animal life. They contain no animal material and the raw materials are grown in an organic environment which excludes the use of pesticides and thus saves the lives of birds and animals in the fields.

4. Gynecologist Recommended: Due to the lack of synthetic ingredients, organic sanitary pads are recommended by Gynecologist for menstruating women to get the hygiene benefits without the risk of allergies, infection, rashes,  and easy disposal methods.

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