How Secure is Secure Data Transfer?

When it comes to data security every organization is more than a little concerned. Business data cannot be compromised as it holds major importance. Sharing data over the internet can be risky until and unless any organization uses better data sharing software. Most of the world’s largest businesses opt for secure mainframe file transfer by Luminex MDI offers top-notch data transfer solutions for every business in any industry. 

Secure file transfer by Luminex MDI provides the utmost security for your file transmission. It is fast, efficient and inexpensive. The secure data transfer architectural structure is designed with a lightning-fast Luminex platform that leverages the mainframe’s native FICON I/O channels.

There are a plethora of benefits provided by secure data transfer when compared with legacy TCP/IP, which are:

– Reduce transmission time by +95.6%

– Reduce MIPS usage by 95%

– Inherently secure

– Easy to execute

The data transmission process is developed by integrating many security channels that help with data protection. With secure file transfer, you can stay worry-free about any malware attacks or malicious file threats.

You can enjoy unlimited data movement with the software within 7 days of installation. To know more about its working process you can book a demo by MDI on the website.

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