Choosing The Exact Match Earring Fittings Online

There is an amazing amount of ear fittings around, some you see everywhere, some are very common in certain areas, some around but it is not always easy to find and some are about as rare as hen's teeth!

Options for pierced ears

Fish hooks, made in one piece with a circle in front of the coil and the ball, then the curve is in the form of 'u' and a long tail curled behind the ear. There is a modified version: Shepherds Crook without the ball or coils, or Balian Hook (beautifully danced) which has a longer wire back. It is convenient for the wire is not too thin and not too heavy drop. You can navigate for buying the best earrings from various online sources.

Some versions have a flat area on top of the coil. It can be uncomfortable because the weight is distributed on the cusp of the curve, or unsafe (poorly designed weight-wise) – and in need of a butterfly / scroll / earnut to secure them.

Ear Posts that come with butterfly / scroll. This is a straight bar with the ball in front and usually loop hanging below the ball. They are considered by their people to be more comfortable because of their thick and heavy wire evenly around the inside of the ear lobe, and safe because they come with butterflies.

Earhoops (which threads through the ears) – this is much preferred by many people, but it can be difficult or painful for yarn if narrow sharp wire ends. With earhoops, especially larger ones, because with all the earrings 'big', there is the danger of catching clothing in it, and the ears to get ripped.

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