What is a Sommelier and what they are doing?

If you're considering a culinary career and a wine lover, your best bet for a career as a chef is to work for you as a sommelier or wine waiter. The sommelier is a trained professional and works in a good restaurant. The sommelier specializes in all aspects of wine spending. This is a much more complex role than that of a wine waitress. You can consider wine sommelier study for becoming a sommelier.

The sommelier's main job is to source and store wines, handle wine rotation, and provide expert advice to restaurant customers about wines. As a sommelier, you are also responsible for developing your wine list. You are also responsible for providing wine service and training restaurant staff about wine.

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The sommelier also offers a pair of wines along with the various types of food served at the restaurant. So, to become a sommelier, you need to have a good understanding of how different foods are complemented and combined with different types of wines, beers, spirits, and other beverages.

As a professional sommelier, you'll work directly with restaurant clients, working with client preferences in terms of tastes and budget constraints. You will also take part in running and attending several wine tasting events designed to educate and attract wine lovers to the restaurant.

To start this career, you'll need to start with a Sommelier Induction Certificate. You can then earn an advanced sommelier certificate, followed by a master's degree in sommelier. Usually, the level of salary offered to sommeliers depends on the number of years of experience the candidate has in the field. 

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