The Next Frontier in Call Center Analytics

In a world where one negative tweet or blog post can kick off a firestorm of controversy and be viewed by millions, customer experience has become a chief concern for executives across industries. Call centers are often front and center in both whether it is positive and negative reviews, and hence play an important role in improving customer satisfaction.

Ideally, companies would invest unlimited funds into ensuring that each and every customer receives a personal, efficient call center experience. But in reality, companies have budgets to meet, opportunity costs to consider, and investors to please. You can also know more about voice analytics by visiting online.

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Hence, they inevitably find themselves balancing call center operating costs with customer satisfaction gains. While finance teams question every dollar spent on call centers, customer service executives quote studies proving how poor call center experiences directly correlate with rising attrition rates.

Many executive teams tend to think that the best lever for improving the customer experience is to invest more money in operations. We believe that it isn't so. In fact, throwing cash at the problem most certainly does not guarantee a rise in customer satisfaction. The smartest organizations are trying something else: advanced analytics.

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