What Are Reusable Paper Towels And Their Benefits?

Reusable paper towels look a lot like the single-use disposable ones we are used to. They can be reused multiple times, unlike traditional rolls. Some manufacturers even guarantee 100 uses.

Here are some of the benefits and best practices when using them.

What are the advantages of using reusable paper towels?

Reducing your household waste will help you make a small but important contribution to a warmer future. 

Why are they better than paper? 

Reusable paper towels are often made from cellulose (wood pulp), bamboo, or cotton. They require fewer raw materials to make. You can also purchase paper towels by visiting the site – https://ecoengros.no/produktkategori/servietter-torkerull.

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How to Use Reusable Paper Towels

It's not easy to prove your concept, but it is worth it. These are some tips to help you flatten the curve.

Always have at least two to three towels available in your kitchen. You'll always have spares in case one gets dirty or is being washed.

Use a towel to dry. After you have rinsed, use water and dish detergent. Wring out the towel and place it flat on a rack.

For further disinfection between washes, heat your towels for one minute in the microwave.

To increase your towel's absorption capacity, try splashing some water on them before you use them.

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