Slendertone Reviews: Can It Be This Easy?

Wow! Five more pounds off the scale. That makes a total of 27. Daily walks, 2-3 visits a week to my gym, no more regular soda….it has finally paid off and I am almost at my goal weight. Although I am feeling extremely proud of myself, I still do not have the body I have been dreaming of.

Sure, I have lost weight, lost inches, and gained self-confidence, but I still do not feel ready for bikini season which has been my goal. The problem is my stomach. No matter how much weight I lose, I still seem to have that bothersome paunch in my middle that does not seem to want to budge.

I recently read a few Slendertone reviews and it sounds like the answer to my problems! It sounds so easy- just wear the belt while you are going about your normal daily routines for about thirty minutes a day, and end up with a stomach looking like Lisa Rinna’s- who wouldn’t want that!

Since I already eat right and exercise regularly, I think that this just may be what I need to get over my hurdle and get myself ready for that bikini I have been dreaming of! I hope it works as I am fed up of products that never seem to live up to my expectations.

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