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Printing on nylon or cotton fabric

What about fabrics like nylon or cotton? Screen printing is generally considered the best option, although the ink used on nylon is different from the cotton or other fabrics commonly used for shirts and the like.

Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl stickers and graphics are other items that offer several printing options, including dye-sublimation, although they are only suitable for very small orders as they are quite expensive compared to screen or digital inkjet printing.

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Sublimation Printing

However, as for the beauty of the prints, I don't think anything can touch the sublimation of dyes on banners, posters, or canvas displays. Halftone printing cannot be compared to other processes.

When the fabric and transfer paper pass-through this combination of heat and pressure, the ink printed on the paper instantly changes from a solid to a gas and mixes with the fabric in a continuous tonal print, like a photo.


The difference between most prints and sublimation printing is that most, including screen printing and all types of digital printing, use a dot pattern to create color, whereas sublimation printing is a continuous tone similar to the photo you will receive. from your camera.

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