Say Goodbye to Proxy Punching

The fingerprint time clock is accurate and efficient. With the use of a fingerprint time clock, you can say goodbye to "proxy punching" that may cause your company to eliminate a substantial quantity of money.

These clocks assist to get rid of glitches and the mistakes in any payroll system. These fingerprint time clocks are effective at verifying identities in the event of dry cracked, or filthy fingers. You can also Buy Fingerprint Attendance System for Fast And Hassle-Free Time & Attendance Solutions.

Pick a fingerprint time clock that works with cards. The clocks permit for a high amount of flexibility. Employees may "punch" out and in from a time clock, browser, or perhaps a cell phone. These programs are easy to prepare and use.


Boost Your payroll system with one. Presence and tracking time are a vital facet of conducting a business enterprise. Systems such as these help in the endeavor of calculating an employee's total hours worked like sick days and holidays. With only a couple of clicks, reports are created.

Fingerprint time clock requires less cost when compared to other methods of taking attendance. It comes with modern and stylish designs. It is very simple to install and may be set up on the wall or onto the stand that is customized.

The various verification approaches that can be used are passwords, fingerprints, as well as cards. It has transaction storage capability and supports a high number of customers. This also includes time attendance characteristics such as presence, receipts printing, and work codes report.

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