Choosing Hand Knotted Wool Rugs

Hand knotted wool rugs have been an integral element of the homes of people for centuries, if not more. The art of making rugs is a traditional craft that has been lost to history. They are today as sought-after and popular as ever. If we think about the benefits of woolen rug over other types, it's not a surprise that their appeal hasn't decreased.

Rugs made of wool are constructed from natural animal fibers which are much more sustainable rather than using synthetic fabrics such as polyester and acrylic. You can also buy wool rugs via Hand knotted woollen rugs are highly resistant to fire. 

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Even if placed in front of an open flame it will not set fire should a spark break out. It's not the case for carpets made of synthetic fiber. These can easily melt and melt, causing flames to spread to adjacent furniture. Woollen rugs are the best option for those who have pets or children who are young. 

They possess a natural ability that makes them resistant to liquids and water just as sheep remain dry from rain by utilizing their wool. You'll be able to rest knowing that should you accidentally spill a drink onto your wool rug, the liquids are easily cleaned because they do not absorb into the wool. They stick on the outer surface of fibers.

Another advantage of woolen rugs is that they are able to be dyed. Wool is a material with many advantages that suggest it to be an ideal choice for carpets and rugs.

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