Funeral Flowers – Flowers For a Funeral Or Memorial Service

Sending flowers for a funeral or memorial service and is one of the oldest traditions dating back thousands of years. One of the most appropriate ways to express your thoughts for the family of the deceased is to send an appropriate funeral arrangement.

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Common questions:

When should I send flowers? Flowers are traditionally sent to the location of the funeral (usually a funeral home, mortuary, or church). The timing here is that you need to send them in time for them to be positioned before visiting hours so that they make it to the funeral site.

Should I send flowers to the home? You are always welcome to send flowers to the family home up to a month after the funeral so that the family can view them in private. This is a very comforting gesture for friends and family of the deceased when they have more time to see the flowers.

What are the most appropriate types of flowers to send to where arrangements have been made for the funeral?

If you are sending flowers where they will be present with the viewing, it is a good idea to send a more traditional sympathy type of arrangement. The flowers will be designed in an easel spray, basket, or some type of fan-shaped design. You may also send a flowering plant. There are lots of options available.

What are the most popular flowers for funerals and memorials?

The most popular flowers are traditionally gladiolas, chrysanthemums, lilies, roses, and carnations, any personal flowers that you like can be added as well.

Does color matter? Any flower color is appropriate, but many times the softer colors are popular for funerals, including soft pinks, yellows, lavender, and white.

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