LastSwab is the World’s First Reusable Cotton Swab

Lastswab is an alternative to regular cotton swabs. The One LastSwab, made from PP and TPE and housed in a sea-bound plastic case, is designed to replace 1000 single-use cotton strips. Billions of single-use plastic products are wasted every year. The LastSwab, which is patent-pending, is made from a rigid, compact nylon core with soft silicone on each end. It is packed in a colorful carry case to keep it safe when you travel or are at home.

LastSwab's high-quality materials and construction make it easy. Simply run it under warm water with some soap after each use. LastSwab reusable cotton swab is an eco-friendly alternative to single-use q tips. It does not have a large environmental footprint. Two different versions of repeatable q devices are available for different purposes.

There are two models available: one for general use and one for beauty. Both are durable, flexible, non-toxic, high-quality, and made of high-quality materials. They are also very gentle on the skin. Both the LastSwab Original and LastSwab Beauty come with a biodegradable carry case that protects your reusable Q tip.

LastSwab is a way to simplify and de-clutter our lives while changing our daily routines for the good of the planet. The only thing left is to decide which LastSwab version will be most valuable to you. It could end up being both.

LastSwab is the basic zero-waste alternative to Q Tips and cotton swabs. The LastSwab, made from durable, high-quality PP and TPE material, is a bathroom must-have that combines charm and function.


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