Ultimate Guide To Bamboo Diapers

Bamboo is a member of the grass family. It can grow to full size in three to four months. Like the bamboo plant, these diapers absorb and hold a ton of liquid- 70% more than a cotton diaper! Wow! Due to its absorbent properties, this is a great characteristic for a diaper.

Wicking away moisture and wetness from your baby's skin and into the fiber keeps the baby dry and rash-free. To get the best bamboo diapers, you can also browse this site www.waladi.com.au/bamboo-modern-cloth-nappies/.

Again, like the plant- bamboo diapers resist bacteria. Another win in the diaper rash department. It's safe to say that all babies are born with sensitive skin so bamboo diapers are a safe choice for baby bottoms.

Nasty pesticides and chemicals are not needed for bamboo to thrive. Bamboo grows in a clumping formation, so there is less space needed between the plants for their ability to thrive and grow. Bamboo thrives in almost any climate and requires very little water due to its ability to absorb and store for long periods.

The entire plant is useful for creating all kinds of products we use every day. Bamboo's versatility and strength make it ideal for the eco-friendly construction of houses and flooring, all the way down to cutlery and toothbrushes. It is so strong and long-lasting these products can be used time and time again without worry of deterioration.

Another reason why there is no need for use of pesticides or chemicals- bamboo resists pests and bacteria growth all on its own. 

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