Cylindrical Lithium Ion Battery: A Brief Introduction

There are many things that require batteries today particularly in the world of electronics that are available. It's hard to imagine that batteries come in such a wide variety of shapes, sizes , and styles. 

It would seem that purchasing batteries would be simple but you must be aware and knowledgeable about batteries before purchasing them. One of the most popular batteries of the moment is the cylindrical lithium polymer battery.

custom prismatic lithium cell

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A lithium-polymer battery came out in 1996. It quickly won the trust of many thanks to its lightweight construction and its ability to be rechargeable. 

The batteries are currently utilized in a variety of electronic devices , including mobile video player, laptop computers, and numerous rechargeable electronic devices.

The two major cylindrical lithium batteries for sale are the lithium Ion and the polymer lithium. It is safer than the ion due to the manner that it suspends the lithium. 

Cylindrical Ion batteries have an aluminum casing that houses the lithium that is suspended, while the polymer battery doesn't require them since the lithium is contained in the gel within which the gel is suspended. 

This makes the polymer battery a lighter and flexible battery because of the removal of the circular metal casings. Since the polymer is lightweight and flexible, it appeals to the designers and engineers of electronics.

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